How To Look After Your Shoes And Boots

Boots and shoes should be kept on trees that have been made by us to fit. They keep your shoes in good shape and help to remove creases.

Always use a shoehorn – it will help to keep your shoes in perfect shape.

Walk your new shoes in, wearing them for no more than a few hours for the first few days. This allows the leather to soften and better fit your foot shape.

Rotate your pairs of shoes so that they can dry out and breath. Shoe bags provide a useful cover for storage and for travel helping to protect the shoe and clothing.

Nourishing And Polishing

Prior to polishing dust over your shoes with a brush. Choose a jar of shoe cream that is slightly lighter than the colour of your shoes to preserve the original shade or a slightly darker cream if you wish to deepen the original colour. Use a clean cotton cloth wrapped around two fingers held together or use a brush, and apply the cream sparingly with a circular motion. Progressively work the shoe cream into the leather. Once the cream has dried polish off with a soft brush until the desired lustre has been achieved. To see cloths and brushes available please click here.

Upkeep of your suede shoes is easy: simply brush them with a stiff brush. If they lose their colour suede ball can be applied to help rejuvenate them.


Handmade shoes should always be repaired by hand on the lasts on which they are made. The correct fitting and shape is thereby retained and the life of the shoes prolonged. Repairs by machine tend to damage the welts. It is recommended, therefore, that your shoes for repair should always be returned to us either by hand or through the post office.


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